Wdisplay download

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me the name of the file that Wdisplay downloads when you download a new version and before it unzips?

Mine was corrupted while downloading and I can’t open it or re-download the same version. I either wait until Brian puts up a new version or delete and do it again but I can’t find the temp file.


Why don’t you download it and ‘save as’ a different file name. Alternatively, if you have a broadband connection, you could open the file from source and run it immediately.


Hi Jim,

If you don

My problem was the version downloaded but did not unzip/install because it was corrupted(lost connection) and I couldn’t find the unzipped file to delete. I have a whole list of old versions on my hard drive cause I always change the file name by adding the version # before downloading the new one.

BUT, Brian uploaded a new version right after I posted and I was able to download again with the new version, so all is well again. Now, the version does not want to auto upload the five day forecast!
Thanks for your help.