WDisplay displays obsolete (wrong?) data from Purple Air sensor

I have a Purple Air quality sensor mounted outside. The sensor works correctly, I can see its data on the PA site and can also connect locally to its IP/json url to see it.

In WD the sensor is displayed as seen below. When I click Test, it shows the data as in the screenshot.

Problem #1: the values shown after testing do not appear at all in the JSON data (attached as pa.txt). I’m aware the sensor actually has two inside, A and B, but the values displayed do not match the average either.

Problem #2: the air quality data put in testtags does not match even what is displayed as the test value. I sniffed the network traffic between WD’s computer and the sensor and can see the JSON URL is accessed every minute by WD. So this part works correctly. It’s not clear what happens with the values after they are read.

Any ideas about how to debug this further?


pa.txt (1.4 KB)

I solved the problem myself.


Well done! What was the fix?

I changed the host, switched from Rogers to Bell and neglected to change the new Local IP in the WD setting


I’m sure we’ve all made that mistake at one time or another!