WD World Map icon

Anybody have an idea for a icon/graphic for the WD world map project? I don’t have much imagination when it comes to graphics so thought I would ask here and see if anybody has an idea for what to use.

Is this an icon like the WD MML icons or more of a banner. Static or Dynamic.

I can’t speak for Dan but I think it would be nice to have a static graphic that those who are on the map could add to their websites to use for a clickable link to the world map.


I think that would be a great Idea :slight_smile:

Maybe some sort of Globe with WD logo or something?


I was thinking along the lines of a static logo, small enough to put in the sig line or on your website.

I can whip something up tonight… Lets see what someone else can come up with too.

I hate to say it Dan… but what you need is a mySQL database that allows people to add their station location, name, and link (through a form) to a Google map.

That would allow for easy scalability with a built in map and near infinite growth potential.

(No, don’t ask me… I’m busy trying to learn XHTML, CSS, and such…)

Maybe you could talk the Weatherbonk.com guy into giving you the code… he has everything you need with his “add a webcam” feature.

First shot…


Some more variants…


Nice, I like the blue globe one, you even have it showing NZ :smiley:

Its not the typical globe picture you normally see which is centered over the Americas…

I like it as well…

But an idea came to mind and I do not have the ability to make graphics of this nature but wouldn’t it really be cool if the Blue Globe was spinning slowly as an animated .gif behind the words… :dontknow:


That was my first idea too but I looked at a bunch of rotating globe gifs and they are all big files, 50K to 80K and the slower it rotates the bigger the file is (more individual images) so that’s not very suitable. This nice slow one has 36 images, and the fast rotating ones just look cheesy (IMHO)


Animation looks cool but as you are find out, they are very large.

Really good animation that is larger can be done with flash, but I’ve never considered that a good idea for a normal website.

blue globe dark look


Question…is it a World Mesomap? It shows positions of WD stations, but no weather data. I don’t have the word MesoMap trademarked though :wink:

Actually I’m not sure what it is supposed to be called… WD World Map? maybe? WD World Stations?

How about WD World Map Locator?

“Weather Display World” is the wording I like… (Then we would have “WD” - “WDL” - “MML” and… “WDW” LOL

Or possibly “The World of Weather Display”

Maybe “Weather Display WorldWide”


Those make more sense.



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