WD won't get data from last year, only last 2 days

Following on from my other post about Can’t exit WD by File\Exit, I have finally got around that problem now by a complete uninstall, then a re install.

Now when I use the data logger to get data from say beginning of the Year 2015 Month 1 Day1, then restart WD, it first says looking for data 01/01/2015 or similar, in reality it only gets data from 2 days ago, when the previous problem started.

I don’t know what to do next. 1 problem has been cure but another created.


what weather station have you got and what is the datalogger’s archive interval

i have a Davies Vantage Vue weather station, and I don’t know what the dataloggers archive interval is. I have selected 1 min on or in WD.

The logger only stores enough records for 42 hours data at a one minute interval.

Oh dear that is bad news for me then. I do have data backups going back a year or so, so is there a way of using them to show more data, however it is done.

Are those WD data backups, or from some other program?

Backups from WD, *.txt and *.inf files as well as wdisplay.ini

In that case I’m sure Brian can help you with that :slight_smile:

if you had WD set to do auto daily back ups
there it should have created .zip files in the databackup folder
of the main logfile and data files

Oh dear, no I didn’t have WD daily backups, only occasional ones.

Where do I go in WD to setup daily backups. I have googled it and looked on this site but not seen the relevant answers.
In the FAQ section is says:
You can now also have this done daily automaticly (see under setup, databackup (but some systems do not handle this very well), and the current datafiles and logfiles are also automaticly zipped with this function).

There is no entry for daily backups under setup in ver290

You’ll find Data Backup in the Control Panel.

  • Jim

I have never had to uninstall WD so did that process delete the datafiles and logfiles directories? With hindsight you could have copied those somewhere else before uninstalling and then copied them back to the wdisplay directory after reinstalling and your weather data would have been intact.