WD with Davis VP2 & Weatherflow together and importing historical data

I’m attempting to set up Weather Display for the first time with my Davis VP2 (including UV, solar, soil temperature, soil moisture, and leaf wetness sensors with a USB datalogger) as the primary station and I’d like to add a Weatherflow for lightning detection.

  1. Is there a way to tell WD that the VP2 is primary and Weatherflow is secondary? Using the setup wizard, I first selected the weather station as Davis and checked the appropriate boxes for the baud rate, etc… After saving, I went to Control Panel > Station Type & Settings, and selected the Weatherflow/Tempest tab, added the Device ID# for the station, and set the ‘Enabled’ radio button. I can’t tell from this which data is primary and what data from the Weatherflow cron job would be included in WD.

  2. Is there a means to have WD only use the lightning sensor from the Weatherflow? I do not want the other weather data from Weatherflow overwriting the Davis data (temp, wind, rain, etc.)

  3. I have historical data that I will be importing from files created by Cumulus 1.9.4. I see how I can import this by month. Is there a way to import a batch file? (I’d prefer to load several months at once and not have to manually import each month.)


It’s been a long time since I tried it but I think it worked. I setup WD to use the Davis station as primary and then in Setup/Advanced input the settings for the Tempest and selected to use Solar/UV/Lightning,

Goto SetUp/Advanced/misc settings
Tab WMR968 Modified sensors…WeatherFlow

You can check the lightning section.

I think that will work.

You can also install a second instance of weatherdisplay for your weatherflow.
But first you have to create a file called 2wd.txt in the install folder of your secundary station.

How can one run 2 instances of WD concurrently on one computer? - Archive / Archived Weather Display Usage Questions - Weather-Watch.com

Yes, this is exactly how I’m set up and also pulling in the lightning data.

Screenshot of settings below:


Thank you. That’s very helpful!

Thank you and the option on how to use two instances of WD.

Thank you! I’m assuming that’s the only place I need to add it for just adding the lightning sensor. In other words, I do not also go to the Station Setup and ‘enable’ Weatherflow, too. I would expect if I did that it would override the previous selection of making the VP2 primary.

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That would overwrite it yes.
My apologies, I have given you incorrect info and I have edited my post.
You should create a file called 2wd.txt in the install folder of your second weatherstation.

I have installed WD for my VantageVue in a folder called wdisplay.
For my WeatherFlow Sky/Air in wdisplaywf.
Create 2wd.txt in the wdisplaywf folder.

Personally I always start up WD for my VantageVue first, making sure everythings loads up fine.
Then I start the second instance of WD.

And I always keep the same versions of WD running.