WD will not talk to Davis VUE

I have purchased a Davis Vantage VUE with a data logger connected. It Sends data to Weather link but will not connect to WD via the data logger USB cable.
WD is asking for a Port number but Windows 10 control panel does not show any port numbers. So no data connection seems to be not available.
Any advice please.

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Have you already accessed the VUE using the WeatherLink software? If so, that sets the port into a different state which means that WD can’t access it. There’s a way to reset it if that’s what’s happened.

Edit: Look at this to see if it helps - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6c68CmdMKIQ

Yes, it’s running currently on weather link version 6.0.5.

Brilliant, thank you for your help, all running now on com port 5.

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