WD, Tempest and Rain totals- help?

Can not get Weather Display Mac version 10.37 MAC405 with Tempest station to reflect rain totals.

Data Logger is on, main Internet switch is on, station type is enabled for Tempest with correct ID, sensor name for Outdoor Temp is correct, sensor name for windspeed/rain seems to be correct, and use calculated rain is unticked.
I am completely baffled, anyone help please?


This issue is resolved.

What did you do to fix it?

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Hi Weather-Watch and Chris,

Firstly, the CRONWEATHERFLOW v 3.6 interface for MAC is fummoxed beyond belief and unreadable, so I was forced to find the applicable codes elsewhere. (Wonder if Brian knows this?)

All the settings I wrote in the original posting are needed:

Data Logger and Internet Switch ON

Station ID

under Sensor Settings:
Sensor name for outdoor temp/hum usually the ST- # of your station

Sensor name for Windspeed/Rain mine was the St - # AND the sensor name listed in GET SENSOR NAMES for rain

Use calculated rain box UNTICKED

It is working for me, totals are wrong, but that is not WD’s issue, instead it is the TEMPEST figure. I just adjust as necessary in WD. I check totals against my Davis VP2 setup AND COCORAHS standard rain gauge.

Also I should add this is the primary setup, and now that it is working? I will also be setting up my Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus in another WD running at same time. WISH ME LUCK!


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It would be worth you emailing Brian to let him know about the interface issues.

I hope your next steps prove easier!