WD temp display incorrect after power outage

strangest thing … power goes out comes back on 6hrs later … restarted Mac all is good except temp display shows -2.1 … data from Accurite 5.+1 station comes in as 11.1 … WD

uploads as -2.1 to WU

i assume the mac was still running WD when the power went off so you may have corrupt settings files if the WD on mac is doing daily backups of the settings file then use those to see if it sorts it out this is based on windows which i use

thanks for your response … I just woke it up and its currently displaying and uploading the right data … there’s a 4hr gap in uploads to WU … from 3:11 to 7:01 when proper data is displayed on site … does WD keep a dat file on data which it sends out … the 4hr gap in data sent for an app that’s running is curious … not even sure where to even look for it … power outages happen more frequently than they used to … so likely this won’t be a one of … again thanks

The windows version of WD has an option to upload past data in the WU setup in WD but I don’t know about the Mac

they are basically the same visually … Data Logger … doesn’t seem to have sent data … maybe network activity? … don’t know … the app didn’t freeze and only the temp didn’t display correct station data update or send to WU … shutdown restart didn’t purge error … for now up and running … mystery continues