WD support for creating Meteobridge output format?

Does WD have support for creating Meteobridge output format or is there any script/service that can do the job?
I can’t see any point in buying a Meteobridge Nano just for getting weather data files in Meteobridge output format.

why are you needed that?

I want to try out https://weather34.com/homeweatherstation/index.html

there is a weather34.com template that works with WD’s clientraw.txt file

That’s no longer available from weather34.com, AFAIK. Only a meteobridge/nano version.

I have it in use
and so I could make it available

this was on his web site recently:

Did you volunteer?

I had already hosted his template,after putting my hand up
but he then later told me to not anymore
but someone else could easily
according to what had recently posted on his site (now gone )

Last WD version I downloaded from weather34.com on 13 September uses a Dark Sky API instead of WUnderground. I haven’t tried it yet. . .

Good morning

I am happy to give someone the latest version as of October 2018 to distribute you can either support it or just host it . As per message that I had on my site a couple of weeks ago I really dont have any qualms . It is a version with many features found in the meteobridge version using the clientraw.txt method . Many of the graphics and code have all been redone based on the meteobridge version. I had two offers to host but both were concerned about support but note this is a non supported version from myself, just like cumulus version,various weewx versions and weatherlink version they are distributed by indvidual users not myself and they either offer support with download or they just host the download.

So if there is any interest I really have no qualms about it at all however start trailer trash talking and slinging personal insults at me it will get confide to wastebin or the dumpster.There is absoblutely no need to sling insults at me , it is a free template and offered for free the only cost is your time and what you already have paid for your hardware and software. I dont take donations,its was all done my time my free time I see absoblutely no need to call out for donations and support costs , if it was that time consuming and it warranted a fee for support and overhead costs i would have never got involved from the beggining in any of the versions…

So please again if there interest drop me an email and preferrably a direct url to your clientraw.txt so i can do a quick once over with a realtime output .I dont use any software and certainly have no useful valid opinion on how good they are or how bad they are. I simply have never used any of them that are available free or at a cost I simply use a Davis VP2 into a meteobridge Nano these days and prior to that a meteobridge tp link hub and way back a hacked WS1001 .

FWIW i dont hold grudges and have no personal issues or views of the developer of weather display this gets antagonised by certain individuals that has just deterred me from doing anything with this version over the past 12 months.

as above if there is interest drop an email if not then nothing is lost life just carries on as normal .

screenshot of wd version …have a great day/evening brian …

If there is no bias towards Meteobridge why not just make the WD template available again?
Getting some/many WD user on board using your fantastic template would then be a bonus.

as per above “I am happy to give someone the latest version as of October 2018 November 2018 to distribute you can either support it or just host it .”

im not offering to distribute it and neither will or do i want to support it is just same as cumulus versions and others i dont own or use any software I merely leave it to the those that use the software(s) and want to use it and throw some support to it … the bias towards meteobridge is because thats the hardware I use and I can simply resolve any issues and replicate issues often reported when it comes to software I can not replicate it or come to a conclusion is it a software issue or template issue,my crap coding issue or something else often end up going round in circles, it is a bit like the blind leading the blind . from my understanding meteobridge and clientraw.txt are very different many of the values in the meteobridge output are specifically custom added for the template and added to the meteobridge output by the developer of meteobridge so the easy route of just using the meteobridge version for a clientraw output wouldn’t work so well. if it did then i would just say use that version and follow the updates .

so the offer is there just needs someone to host it permantly and if possible offer some support if not then I cant help and I dont want to get involved in endless support emails . All i need now is a realtime output from a clientraw.txt to polish off a few of the values and I can then give it to anyone who is interested in above . so the BIAS is simply because of I use meteobridge nothing else .

I can give you access to my real time clientraw.txt file.
Where can I find your e-mail address?

you have PM :slight_smile:

This looks really fantastic!
Great work!
Getting support for WD output format would be great for many of us loyal WD users that see needs for a modern solution.
WD Live have delivered a great solution for many of for more than a decade, but personally I see a need to move beyond WD Live and get rid of dependency Flash.

ok well i dropped your clientraw url in and I dont see anything on 1st inspection todo apart from find someone to host the download screenshot of your data running

Nice :slight_smile:

good news the reliable Wim who has a vast knowledgeable long background in this community has kindly offered so look out for more info in due course…

Good news indeed, Brian :smiley: