WD stops working every 3rd night at 00:05.

Every 3rd night the program stops working at precisely the same time 00:05
I had this before and noticed that it was fixed during a build.

I am using 10.37 q build 6 and the problem has reoccured. So frustrating if I do not catch the program so I can restart it before I go to work.

no problem like that here
what speed pc?
how much memory on the pc?
what weather station type?
what antio virus program (if AVG then consider using comething else)
what other things are set to run on the PC at midnight?

Assuming you are running Microsoft Windows of some kind; check your event viewer (Control Panel → Admin Tools → Event Viewer) and see if there is an entry logged at the crash date/time, as this may help diagnose the problem.

It is also recommended to configure your virus checker to exclude your WD installation path.