WD Scrambled

Hello everyone

My WD has really broken :(I cant even install a new copy as it requires me to register again. Please help.


Have you tried this - Recovering Weather Display Configuration

Thanks for getting back to me. I just tried this but must have done it wrong as still no luck :frowning: I have uploaded the ini in case you can see something on it.

Thanks again.

WDISPLAY.zip (3.4 KB)

Did the wdisplay.ini file come from a backup made before WD got scrambled?

Im not really sure. It went down 2 days ago after a nasty thunder storm.

As soon as I saw it was scrambled I shut down apart from doing a screen grab

Shall I try a previous Zip?

When I think about it WD is hardly likely to do a backup after it got scrambled. . . #-o

But it doesn’t look like you have anything to lose by trying an earlier one?

Wow :smiley: Looks like that worked I have data starting to come through.I will have lost a months data but that is so much better than all of it.
Thank you so much. Hopefully it will keep chugging along

Thanks again


I will have lost a months data but that is so much better than all of it.

Not sure about that. . . the October log/data files should still be there? It’s only an old .ini file you copied over (so the last 7 days’ rain will be wrong!).

Maybe a few days lost, unless you have a logger?

Looks ok. I can go in and manually correct any data from Weather Underground as all my data is good there.

Do I now turn off Data backup?

Thanks again for your help