WD Rain Totals Not Updating

With moderate, steady rainfall here since last night, I noticed my Last Hour, Rain Today, Yesterday and Month totals are not automatically updating on my WD screen (from Davis WLL). I have been manually entering the rain updates today on WD so that my Saratoga template website displays correctly. However, the “storm” total for the current rain event DOES correctly update on my website on its own. All other data (temp, pressure, etc.) is being reported correctly. I have restarted WD but the problem remains - no automatic rain updates. It had been working correctly all along with rains this summer, and I have not made any set-up changes, although last Tuesday I had to reboot everything to get things going again after a Windows update occurred overnight. I searched and tried a few things but no luck so far. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

My WD version is 10.37S149. Davis VP2 Plus / WLL

That rings a warning bell: if WD is forced to shut down then wdisplay.ini can be corrupted. There is a FAQ about that somewhere. . .

But I have no direct knowledge of Davis WLL setup, and it’s strange that other data are being reported correctly. Hope someone can help :slightly_frowning_face:

Under Control Panel, Station Type & Settings, I noticed an unticked box, “Use rain totals from Console/Cloud/WLL”. I did not tick that box in the original set-up, but now have done so and hope that will fix the problem. It has stopped raining right now so will have to wait until another shower comes through to see if WD updates the rain totals.

Rain Tick

The Rain today total has now jumped a few hundredths (in.), so the unticked box cited in my previous post apparently was the problem. For anyone using a WLL, the box needs to be ticked. I missed that, but want to point it out so anyone with a WLL using WD won’t repeat my mistake.