WD not crashing but not recording data

Hi folks

Has anyone seen this one before?

This morning when i got up WD was still running but the graph on the main screen
stopped at about 4:05am no data was being recorded, but, WD had not crashed,
I could still open anything within WD, summary, reports and so on, all that was wrong
was WD stopped recording data…

As soon as i rebooted WD it started recording data as normal, there is nothing in the
program error log apart from 301: Interrupted. but this was at the time i rebooted WD

Even the ftplog stopped, so the FTP stopped uploading also the clientraw stopped updating
the website cause i had a warning on my site telling me it had stopped updating

The last time WD ftp’ed to the server was at 04:04:02am

The client runnign on the other computer just recorded a flatline from the time the main
WD stopped to the time it started again…

So, is this a new thing or has it been noticed before?

I had a similar thing a couple of days ago using 10.37N build 00, although I sort of know what caused it, but not why.

I had opened Control Panel > FTP & Connections window in WD and forgot to close them before I went to work in the evening. When I go to work I noticed that the website had stopped getting any updates from WD & WXsim (I use WD’s FTP to upload the WXsim forecast :wink:). Nexstorm, which is also running on the same PC, was updating fine through the night.
When I got home in the morning, WD was still running but there was no data from 18:45 the previous evening. The time was showing correctly on WD’s main screen but everything had stopped, not even a flat-line graph. I closed the two open windows in the hope that it would come back to life but nothing doing.
Before I restarted WD I went to set the datalogger time so I didn’t miss any data from the VP2 but the time was already set to the last data set at 18:45.
After restarting WD it all came back with no problems and now I just make sure I close all windows once I’ve finished with them.

Hi Martin, I didnt have anything opened at all, WD was minimised at 3am as normal…

Its happened again this morning, at exact same time, not happy now, thats 8 hours of data up the swanny
on 2 of the coldest nights weve had in a good while I am using 10.37N B03

Any idea please Brian, 2 nights on the trot WD has stop recording any data both times at 4:05am…

The next good one is, I have enabled Reboot Computer when no data for 10 minutes, that aint working either!

Just adding a bit more info, i.e. ftplog, this was the last recorded log before the data stopped being recorded

Files to upload*
Local files: c:\wdisplay\webfiles\gizmo.gif
Local files: c:\wdisplay\webfiles\conditionscolour.jpg
Local files: c:\wdisplay\webfiles\trends-inc.html
Local files: c:\wdisplay\webfiles\testtags.php
Remote files: gizmo.gif
Remote files: conditionscolour.jpg
Remote files: trends-inc.html
Remote files: testtags.php
Error Disconnected: [10053] Software caused connection abort with FTP transfer
Error occured at:04:04:12 07/01/2009

Other than that i cant help much, all i can say is, all that was done in WD was to update to the latest
version, nothing else has been done, its very strange cause like i said in the other post, i have got the
reboot if no data for 10 minutes enabled, yet it didnt work :frowning:

The major problem here is that its not a crash so watchdog will not resolve it (i dont think) and again as
its not a crash theres no point in starting up startwatch again, the other downside is its at 4:05am and
who in there right mind will be up at that time of morning :frowning:

ooo, i just remembered, i have changed something in WD and that was i enabled these few to be updated/uploaded
see image please, any of these meant to be updated at 4:05am?


The culprit is one of these in the image in the post above, i didnt risk to find out which,
i just turned them all off, Please can you look into it?

Have you had chance to check this out please Brian?

there is not alot of information to go on
was there any errors under view, program event log?

Theres no errors in either log Brian

The only thing i can tell you is its one of the settings in that image above, once i unticked all
of them WD is fine at night, with them ticked WD will stop recording Data (but not crash) at

Maybe try ticking one on each 24 hours until WD fails…see if you can narrow it down to just one that causes the problem.

The problem with that method is that when the correct 1 fails the data will stop
recording at 4:05am and i aint up till at least 8am so thats about another 4 hours
of data up the swanny, i really hate it when i loose data, i would rather do without
using those options than loose any more data trying to find out, it might sound a
tad selfish but i have already lost 8+ hours because of it…

I do not know which one of those it will be
(and I do not have any other reports of a problem exactly like this)
at some stage if you could do some more narrrowing down that would be good

Hi Brian

I will try, but i think someone else had a similar problem in another post but cannot remember which post now, I will try to narrow it down , i will do as Dan said…

Ok 1st night when ok, no problems at all, this was with only below enabled…

Upload daily The all time/month/year records to date image

I will leave it enabled now and go on to the next one, I will update tomorrow morning…

OK, i now have the following enabled:

Upload daily The all time/month/year records to date image
Upload Wind direction plot
Upload 24 hour wind direction plot

And all seems ok this morning, So the next one to tick will be the
Upload the wind energy/hour page and see what its like in the morning…

Well, what can i say, I have now add all of them again and WD did not Stop receiving data
like it did before…

I am baffled now, When they were all ticked before, 2 nights on the trot WD stop receiving data
at 4:05am 4:04am was the last data, this was 2 nights, as soon as i removed those settings i m
mentioned in previous posts the very next day WD was working again 100%, so i add those
settings again 1 by 1 day after day and WD is still 100%, go figure…

But to be on the safe side, i have removed those settings just for the weekend as the weather is
supposed to perk up a little and i dont want to miss anything lol… I will addd them again after
the weekand :slight_smile: