WD main screen customization


Suddenly the “%” of the indoor hum is gone. I tried to fiddle around in setup, advanced/misc, main screen customization but with no success. Can anyone help please how to get it back please?
I do not want to update to a newer version since this screwed up the screen BIG time last time I did so and I spent a lot of time to get everything back in order.
Thank you kindly.


I think the Indoor Hum. label is a standard WD graph label, and the % sign usually comes “attached” to the value. So I don’t have a clue why it has suddenly gone missing.

You could add a single % as a custom label from the main screen customisation page, but I find custom labels in the graph area do not always retain the colour that you want. . .

Or you may have to ask Brian directly.

Thanks mate. Then let’s wait for Brian (or someone else who experienced the same in the past and has a solution).

Brian doesn’t visit the Forum very often these days, e-mail might be best.

Just a thought: try using setup > advanced > main window customisation > enable move/resize and move the Indoor Hum. label and value left a bit, in case the % got hidden.

If that doesn’t work, don’t click on “save changes” :wink:

I tried that already (without success).