WD how to setup on MAC

Is there anyone here that can give some tips on how to configure WD to use CRON

Not much detail to go on in that question. . . WD uses a lot of cronjobs.

In WD for Windows Control Panel > WD API, bottom half, gives you 4 options to run a cron every 10 mins, every 60 mins, at 23:58 and at 00:00. If you use one of these you don’t have to turn the switch on, just tick the box. I presume Mac is similar?

You can use the upper section to run a cron (turn the switch on) as long as you - and the cron script - don’t mind that you get the WD API data uploaded at the same time :wink:

thanks for the reply … in order to get WD to upload at all I had to select “don’t run separate cron program” … I had no issues until I updated to Monterey 12.6.8 then became non functional … I know my way around Win … but Mac OS is still a mystery for many things … terminology being the biggest problem … so all I had to do is select 1-10-30-1hr on the bottom of the WU setup page and it would upload … I will give this a try … again … thanks for the reply

well i did manage to change it to upload every 2 mins instead of 59s … just switched rapid fire and main switch back on and selected “do not run separate cron program” untill I can figure out what the proper setup is for Mac Monterey

It might help us if you tell us what you are trying to upload and why you think you need a cron. . .

thanks for the reply … I was under the impression I would be able to schedule upload times to Wunderground by using CRON for my station data … the way I’m setup now 59sec intervals is it … not adjustable like was before … but I’m out of ideas and was hoping I could explain it good enough to get help

Does the Mac version not have the same Control Panel > Weather Underground screen as Windows?

That allows plenty of choice. . .

thanks for your response … screen cap got me thinking … they are similar by the way … I couldn’t figure out why only 59sec uploads … rapid fire is max 59sec … turned rapid fire off and deselected “do not run separate CRON” set to 10 mins and works as it should … this never worked before … Brian suggested the “do not run separate CRON” just to get WD to upload to WU when this latest version released … there was an update shortly after … but I left that setting as on … I had to look up how to do a screen cap … thanks for your help

looks like it was over riding the other settings

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