WD hangs every 3-4 hours - after re-searching for devices

Here’s a problem that I am having that has some puzzling aspects. My system ran fine for months. I then added some devices and now am having a recurring problem that ‘hangs’ WD every 3-4 hours. I have simplified the setup to reduce the # of sensors to a AAG V3 unit and 2 other temp sensors - but the problem persists.

Here are the symptoms:

  • WD hangs after running 3-4 hours.
  • it continues to find the devices on initiation, but loses them, re-searches, finds them, loses them again…then ‘hangs’
  • I need to stop the process since it won’t shutdown through “exit” or "X"ing
  • this setup ran without a hiccup for months (is colder weather better?)

My setup: (it’s 100 miles from me, so I want to get my “fix” ready for the trip)

  • AAG V3 unit
  • DS9097U-009 using parasitic power
  • wiring is currently phone wiring (I have CAT5 but haven’t installed yet)
  • I know that I’m running a ‘star’ configuration which isn’t optimal, but with only 3 devices and a total of 50 feet of wiring I wouldn’t think this should be a problem. (I will change out with the CAT5 install)


  • I am in the process of changing out the wiring for the CAT5. Is this the likely cause?
  • I read that the wiring problems are worse as the weather warms up?
  • Could this be caused by a single device? If so, is there a way to tell from logs etc. which device is causing the problem? (other than trial and error of plug/un-plug and wait 3-4 hours).
  • Could a 100 ohm resistor help to reduce line problems?

The system is 100 miles from home, so preparing for a “repair” session really helps. I plan on making the wiring changes this weekend, but wanted to get some experienced eyes on my symptoms in order to prepare for any other potential problem sources.

Any other ideas or suggestions are welcomed! Thanks

its definalty hardware related
i.e devices beign lost with a poor 1 wire setup
definately use cat 5 and or solder any joints instead of using connectors and recheck joints
i have been away for 5 days, and wd for me does not have 1 error in the dallas sedup for me!

I have changed my major line of wire to the weather station, and haven’t had any errors yet. I also partially removed the ‘star’ configuration. I have some more work to do, but so far so good.


thats good !
it was suggested you use Cat 5 and not a start config initialy…:)… (if i remeber correctly)
and so yes it must be the warmer weather has meant your fragile setup is now falling over! (moisture?)