WD don't register outside temperature below -25.5 C-> wh1081, [resolved]

Temperature below -25.5C are not correctly display.The main graph show a strait line at -25.5C for these values.I tried EasyWeather and Cumulus with no problem.
Here is the setup:
WD 10.37N build 03
Station 265NC (HW1081)
XPpro sp3
Additional Information I look inside the log file and all reading below -25.5C are rounded to this value.
I have install WD default values.


Do you have a minimum temp limit set on Control Panel, Offsets and Initial Rain, Limits?

I was expecting this answer, sorry i did not mention it before, I already play with these settings whitout good result. I suspect the problem occur when WD extract the data from the station. Maybe somebody living in cold country like mine can check for same problem.

Always worth to check :slight_smile: Hmmm, strange that the other software would be OK. What is the actual temp?

By now it is -10.7C, but when i check the minimum temp (at night) it never go lower -25.5, always. Thats why i go back and try EasyWeather to reload the data for the same period, this time the temp was going lower (-31C), same reading with Cumulus. This was happen every time the temp go lower.

Mine has no issues granted mine is degrees but mine station measured down to -22.5 degrees -30 celcius. Unless that is the difference. But I have seen other folks using celcius and temps go down further than that. What type of station is it. Strange! :?


it will be a problem with the way the data is sent from that station type (WH1081)
I will need to get the raw data and work out how to handle the value below -25.5

Aha, is it because 255 is a magic number?

most likely
this version:
logs the raw data against the temperature, so we can see what changes, as it goes below -25.5
under view, ws2010/ws2500 data setup

I am not sure to understand the last statement, do you need from me some raw data or someting else ?
If it is the case, I’ll need some coaching.

That .zip file that Brian links will expand to a new weatherd.exe. So download it. Shutdown Weather-Display, rename the existing weatherd.exe, expand the zip to replace the weatherd.exe and restart.

Then under the View menu, under ws2010/ws2500 data setup you should see the raw data being logged. Capture that data when the temp is below 25.5 and Brian will know what the station is sending so that he can change weather-display to fix the problem.

Thanks Nico, the forecast for wednesday night is -32C, I will collect the data and come back. I will fillup the wood stove too!

btw, Celsius is also measured in degrees as is Fahrenheit and also Kelvin. It is best to use C, F or K as unit to be precise.

Just to be pedantic, the kelvin scale doesn’t use ‘degrees kelvin’.

For example, ice melts at

0 degrees Celcius - 0

lol, sorry, my bad, pawned, doh. :oops:

I am coming back with the raw data from the station. See the attach file name “raw data wd1081.txt”. I have copy the part were the temp start to drop below -25.5C. It look to be someting related to the number 255.

raw data wd1081.txt (2.46 KB)

looks like that 128 flag must change (to show its negative)…as thats why it stops logging
I will need to add more debug code…will do that today

new update:

it will keep logging that needed raw data now

Here is the new raw data, actually the temp is -26.1C. With this version, I have no temperature display at all.

raw data2 wd1081.txt (682 Bytes)

should work now with this update: