WD Documentation - Help Needed

I have been working on documentation for WD. I’ve found a decent program but I am not an expert with all area’s of WD and could use some help. If anyone is interested in helping I could sure use it. This is a huge project and I need some of you who have expertise in specific functions of WD to help. Some of the area’s I need help with include:

  • 1-wire
  • Webcam/Movie
  • Solar sensor
  • Lightning Detection
  • Some wx stations that I am not familiar with that might need more specific guidance to setup
  • Plenty more area’s as well, these are just a few…

My thought is to make this a community effort to help spread the load. I know some of you have written FAQ’s that would make good input for the documentation. I should be able to incorporate screen grabs and/or text to my project.

If you’re interested in helping please contact me via email.

Come on guys, I need your help!

I need people who know specific functions in WD to write a FAQ type page that I can input into the documentation. Screen grabs that are annotated will work. If you have experience with a specific function or how to set something up in WD I would love to have your input.

Let’s work together to get a product that will help the WD family. Send me an email and let me know what function you would be comfortable writing about so I can make sure we don’t duplicate efforts. My reply will include the URL to the current draft so you can see the format I am using so you can tailor your submission to something similar.


Have you looked in the wiki to see if there’s material there that might be of use? That was a previous community effort.

In fact if the wiki content was put into a ‘book format’, e.g. as a series of chapters/sections, it’s possible to generate PDF files from it so that we could generate a documentation file based on the latest information whenever we wanted.

I have been intending to at least find the time to do a forum FAQ for the all day video setup and the solar setup

I will see about doing those soon

And I’ve started going through the FAQ section and updating the threads with new images and replacing broken links etc. :wink:

So be it then, I will leave you guys to update the FAQ’s.

Anyone can help create FAQs/update the wiki/write docs, so feel free to help out Dan.

I’m only updating what’s already there, Dan, I’m not creating new FAQs unless no one else is.
There’s another member who’s recently added a 1-Wire lightning detector to his kit and he’s offered to write an update of Bob’s original FAQ so it all helps.
The more people involved then the faster things get updated or written. :wink:

Here’s the link to what I have done and a link to the program I used:


created using


As you all know, WD is a complex program supporting many weather stations, and continues to expand as users ask for more and more features. No one person, except Brian, has the knowledge needed to write a complete package. I knew that when I volunteered to tackle the project, but I fully expected support from the WD community from users who have intimate knowledge of certain aspects of WD, ie. 1-wire, solar, snow depth sensors, webcams and movies, night time cloud sensors, and some of the more obscure wx stations that few people own but are supported by WD. Unfortunately that didn’t happen.

For that reason I have suspended my efforts with the project.

I also will not be visiting the forum after this post. This has left a bad taste in my mouth. I now have a new hobby that requires more of my time and resources.


I certainly can understand your frustration however I certainly hope you would reconsider your not visiting the forums and contributing when you felt like it.

You would be greatly missed…


yes, you will be missed, others or myself will have to pick up the hole left re helping people out on the forum, etc
sorry that people could not find the extra spare time to help you with the help manual
I wish you all the best in your new hobby if you do decide not to come back

I second this. With 9000+ posts you have been a great asset to community. I considered volunteering for your project, but w/only 1 plus years experience, wasn’t sure I could contribute much.
Your link to initial protect looks nice. Maybe sleep on it.
Thanks for contributions.

I will continue to check-in here from time to time, but I won’t be spending much time here. And to answer another question, Yes, I will continue to run the WD World Map site, so those who would like to list your WD website may continue to submit requests to me via email.

Thanks for the kind comments.

Hello Dan,

Very happy to hear that you will visit from time to time and great news on your continuing to maintain the WD World Map.