WD Database (MS-Access) - Programme won't start (solution)


Not really a question, but a note for users with a non-English system …

I installed the programme (from ‘wddatabasesetup.zip’) in C:\Program Files\WDisplay.
I configured the ODBC-stuff.
I enabled the data saving-feature in WD itsself.
I tried to start the ‘wddatabase.exe’-programme. Nothing happened!

The problem appeared to be that the name of the data source not ‘MS Access Database’ was (in the Dutch-version it is ‘Microsoft Access-database’)! If you change that (literally, including case), it will work fine. If you don’t change it, the database programme won’t start.
Luckily, I read the ‘readmedatabase.txt’ which pointed me to te solution. Maybe something for the FAQ? (And maybe it’s a good idea to include in the FAQ that you have to have the database programme must be running alongside WD … maybe quite obvious, but …).


P.S. I searched the forum, but haven’t seen the source name “problem” mentioned. Could have missed it, though.