WD Client help please?

Hi Folks

I am using the client on one PC and the normal WD on the other

Basically the client aint picking up the solar nor the baro too good
using the clientraw from the main WD pc

server baro 1034mb
server solar 6.5c (in a jar)

client baro 996mb
client solar 1.0c (in a jar)

Any thoughts please, see setup image below on the client pc

check your baro offset on the client version
also check the baro reading in the clientraw.txt

HI Brian, thanks it was an offset, even though the offset’s been there since the start its only
been a problem since today when using the client, the offset is on the other computer but its not
effecting the baro readings so i left it alone, why is that Brian?

Also what is causing the solar in a jar not to record the correct value please, cause its messing up
current conditions?

Also its using the the metar for current condition’s, but strangely enough, the metar is turned off lol

The offset on the first PC “fixes” the baro reading so the clientraw has the corrected value, since the client PC is reading that already corrected value it doesn’t need any offset.

ah ok i understand how that works now…

Any ideas on the solar or any other extra sensors please?

is the extra temp value you have set for to use for the solar in a jar coming through OK?

Hi Brian, thanks for the reply.

It was coming through but lower than what it should be, it was about 3 or 4 degrees lower

I am gonna have to hold on this topic for now as i am having issues with that PC now, I will
return again when its working again…

Hi Brian… Merry Xmas to you and the fam, theres no need to look into this until
the holidays are over but i wanted to write it down as it happened so i didnt forget…

I think i got the solar looking ok now…

There is one major problem though, when you set it in the client /server setup
to use the clientraw from another pc thats fine but as soon as you reboot the
computerit loses it and starts using the clientraw from the default c:\ and not
from the networked computer…

I have a similar problem on the client, solar displays for a while then it drops to zero on the client until I stop and restart wd on the client, then it shows ok for a while then reverts to zero. solar shows ok at all times on the server and on the console. All other readings are fine on both the client and the server.

tom, make sure you have the lat/long set correct for the sun moon rise set and for the max solar for lat/long

thanks Brian, that fixed it.