WD and WXexchange weatherbug

Can or is it possible to have WD exchange information with weather exchange or weatherbug. If it isnt then I am working on a program which may do the same. I havent deceided weather to use the clientraw.txt file or Wunderground Rapidfire Raw data or customise a file from WD. If WD can not do it already would anyone be interested in joining in I have a beta version using my clientraw.txt file looking for ideas from anyone on standard format that WD can generate and be uploaded. Maybe we use the clientraw.txt (if brian dosent mind after all his software originally makes it ) I am even willing to use space on my domain to hold the data anyone wants to send. It might be nice to have our own software people can download and use like weatherbug or weather exchange. So any ideas ?
anyone interested in sending me data ? It would be nice to have many different stations from many countries all I ask is that your serious about this. If wd can already do this then great, I wont have to work on it anymore.


Do either weatherbug or weather exchange accept data from anything other than their own associated software applications?

Weather exchange seams to work with RapidFire so i guess anyone can download that and see our stations if you use raoid fire.



Wasn’t weatherbug something that Brian added WD support for but was told by the suppliers that extracting data from it broke the T&Cs covering the use of Weatherbug? If you’re writing your own software to do the same thing it would be worth you checking this out for yourself.


I didnt no brian had done this before or tried to. I was going to do it for WD users only with a comma delimeter file. But I see weather exchange uses Rapidfile file data so I guess there is no need to pursue this anymore unless people here want to start our own community.


note that was a direct connection to a weatherbug station to get data from that…