WD and Screen Resolution

Has anyone ran into problems with running WD with a higher screen resolution than 800x600? I am troubleshooting here. I have a rather long post on the Bugs section, with WD crashing with apparently 2 instances of WD running, but I’m starting to think it might have to do with running my screen res at 1024x768. I switched down to 800x600 and will see how WD does with that (as much as I and my family hate to use that resolution on such a fine new pc).

I actually use 1024 X 768 on one machine and 1152 X 864 on another both running WD… No problems here


I run 1280 x 1024 here – no problems…


Do you both use the roll up window feature in the menu bar to the right? Are you running anything else on your XP machines, or are they solely dedicated to WD? What kind of video card might you have?

I am not sure what you mean “Roll up window feature”

I have WD running on two machines, one is dedicate to my web cam and is my main machine I work on all day long, browser, sound, email and so on.

The other machine runs WD for my weather station itself and uploads data every minute with additional uploads every 5 - 10 and 15 minutes.

It also runs a browser that is always open to a dynamically updating page and another email client.

One machine is AMD Athlon 2.4 custom built machine ASUS MOBO and the other is a Dell Dimension 3000 P4 3 GHz w hyper threading. Both have 512 MB of RAM.


I think what he is referring to is the screen roll up feature on the title bar. Similar to WindowBlind. I’ve used it a few times and have had no problems with the display.


Never used that myself, didn’t even know it was there honestly LOL


1900 x 1200
I run 2 copies of WD, use rollup with both. WD is minor function for this machine.
Intel graphics media accelerator 950

I have on a number of occasions inadvertently had 2 copies running against one WMR968. Makes it look like nothing works.

I double checked and it is actually the ATI RX300 SE-PCIE which I have in my system.

I’ve been running at 1024x768 resolution for the last year or more - currently using WD 10.30i.