WD adding daily rainfall to total every 5 minutes

Have just done an update and now my raintotal is increasing by the daily rain amount before the update, happens every 5 minutes.

what version were you using before?

It was an old one, last download I can find is from Jan 2014. Tend to only look at the station when something stops working now :frowning:
Could have been 37R build 81 ?

The reason I looked was because the station stopped communicating with PC at 7pm last night, couldn’t get it to reconnect even though PC could ping the console, updated WD to see if that would fix it - it did apart from the rainfall issue.

I have now set it to use console totals but have never had to use that before

certainly a strange one
I am using the latest version but do not see the problem here
if you could email me your settings file
in the databackup folder and I will check/test your settings here


OK, i found the problem

its when you have set to use a blook sky camera

the latest .zip update build 117 fixes this issue :slight_smile: #-o

(this might have been the cause of other rain issues reported too)