Waterspout photos - Adriatic Coast

Hi all

Sorry to say these aren’t mind, but thought others would be interested in seeing these photos:




it should be titled, waterspout chasing, not tornado chasing
it looks to be a rather weak warter spout, not much affect on the water surface, very fine spray being lifted up
the funnel shows up really well in waterspouts because of all the moisture avaible to create the cloud that is the funnel (the drop in air pressure lowers the temperature…dew point reached…cloud forms…and so with a waterspout, the cloud forms easily, compared to its cousin, a landspout…

Haha - sorry for getting everyone excited :oops:

Thanks for pointing that out Brian. I’ve changed the title on the thread to save any confusion from this end


i was actualy refering to the actual web page as well, they called it a tornado too…but nevermind
(a tornado and waterspout develop a bit differently/different processes (lots of moisture is available when forming over the water, and moisture is a great heat generator for updrafts when its condensed to cloud droplets)…a waterspout will develop from a lot less severe /active cloud than a tornado over land…but then again, a tornado over land …a weak one…probably does not show up very well…because it does not have the moisture to show up the cloud as easily…