Warning to ALL PurpleAir users

My current PurpleAir API-key which starts with “62F1F60C-C16B” is used by a decent number of users since we switched to using the API key some months ago.

PurpleAir mailed me today

Your PurpleAir API account has come up for review and we would like to turn on billing
Your PurpleAir API account will be migrated to the points-based billing system on October 31st
This email provides an opportunity to start a conversation with us about optimizing your points consumption prior to this change. In addition to a face-to-face meeting to discuss the details of this change and what options are available to you, more information about optimizing your points consumption can be found here: API Use Guidelines - API - PurpleAir Community.

As I do not know which users are using ‘my’ key "62F1F60C-C16B . . . " I can not warn them that at October 31 their PurpleAir scripts will cease to work

Please make sure that you request ASAP a correct key as described in this topic.
Make sure you test that key before October 31.

Also make sure that you, temporarily, insert your own key in the start-lines of PWS_load_files.php.

I have to adept the PWS_easyweathersetup (add PA-api-key) , PWS_settings (cache-time) and the PWS_load_files (remove PA-api-key) scripts to hide the new valuable API-key.

Adapted scripts posted in this topic .

After the scripts are updated and installed on your sites, I think it is wise to regenerate your purple-air API keys and insert the new keys using PWS_easyweathersetup.


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If you not agree with the paid for API, you could sent a mail to PurpleAir also.
Attached the past days mails with them.
Re API Update kopie.pdf.zip (417.2 KB)
The screenshot of my last nswer

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The good news:

Customer service answered just now: :slightly_smiling_face:

We are working on an automated solution to grant unlimited access to purchased sensors. We agree that access should be free.

Also they wrote that there is a key registred on my name/device which starts with 630545A7
That is not a key I use myself. And certainly not with a usage 1 to 2 million points each day.
I asked them to block that key if it is registered on my name.

Now the problem with the API-key which starts with 62F1F60C-C16B
That key was introduced on line 5 of PWS_load_files.php when the API-key became necessary.

A lot of users forgot to request their own key and simply used the script PWS_load_files.php without inserting their own key.
The last weeks, when a newer version of the script did not work, users rolled back to the old version and then it worked again.
Probably because the new versions only have invalid keys, the first test versions had that correct developer key.

Check which key you are using.


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That is good news :smile:

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bump as it is important info