WAP Help


I seem to have the WAP index uploading okay :-


BUT - the 2 graph images don’t upload AND I can’t see it using my phone … although the page checks out okay with the wap viewer.

Any ideas anyone ?


are you using the custom wap file
i think this only works with the default wap file
i have a custom file and the graphs do not upload but are created. i manually uploaded them and they display on the phone so its the upload that is the problem

i use the default wap and not a custom wap, and the files upload OK
so then it must be a problem with the custom wap
hcorrin, are you using the latest ftpupd.exe included with the latest version of full wd?

Hi Brian
Just put latest 10.15m on both main and backup units
i am only using the backup unit at present for this, forced a wap update after putting 15m on no upload, unchecked use custom and forced it again and they uploaded and this shows in the logs
so when in custom mode something is stopping the files from being added to the upload list

good news
i have finally found why its not uploading the wap graphs with the custom wap in use
uploading 10.15n now!
(this will fix a bug thats been there since i added the wap graphs for the custom wap , hopefully!)

I’ve updated to n if you want to use my page as a check Brian 8) …my phone wont show the pics, but I’ll check the server to see if theyre updating now

just checked
i can see the graphs OK, and they look up to date too

That’s interesting, except I wasn’t using the custom file … just the in-built version.

I’ll download the newer version and see if that helps.


check what is in the index.wml file in the webfiles folder…
it should have graphtemp5.gif
where the number is the current minute
for display the image

Sorry to sound a little dim but …

I’ve created the waplocal and it’s updating/uploading fine .

There are also a load of .wbmp files in my local webfiles directory.

They’re not uploading though, and, how does the waplocal file know which one to reference ? i.e. filename


so you are using a custom wap ,
if so, then use these custom tags
%filenamewapgraph%…The current minute stamped .wbmp graph for use with a custom wap page (temp/hum graph)
%filenamewapgraph2%…The current minute stamped .wbmp graph for use with a custom wap page (baro/wind graph).
i.e use this code:
WapSeer Control
WapSeer Control

Thanks Brian,

will that also cause the 2 graphs to be uploaded - I can’t see them at the moment …

Thanks for the world’s quickest support !

make sure you are using 10.15o with ftpupd.exe version 7.32

Hi Brian
i have just put 15o on backup unit, enabled custom wap and forced an upload and all has worked ok
i take it these graphs are in colour,
i have a 2 year old phone and is black and white so which plot is which is not identifiable so i’ll have to wait till i can change the phone to a colour one (but that also means the car kit needs to be changed to match the phone, i have a full kit not a plug in unit) one of next years projects i think.

Thanks for sorting

Bingo !

My FTp upd was the wrong version.


Brian, is there any way of making the latest FTPUPD program available without downloading the whole installation? I am a bit wary of downloading the whole thing just in case data files or settings get wiped out - upto now I have only ever downloaded the latest WD program on its own to upgrade so it would be nice if we could do that for the FTP program as well??? Just a thought.

no, only black and white for wap …unless the new style phone…and then i have a gif that i could get uploaded…

you can usualy tell which is the humidity and which is the temperature…and they do a inverse of each other normaly

great to hear mines working well now Brian, thanks :slight_smile: I should add for others that in the example source, the “WapSeer Control” text can be changed to something more appropriate like “Wind graph” as it is the text that shows on a phone like mine that can’t do the pics…