VP2 / WD stopped receiving data - solved - but need advice

Noticed that WD had stopped receiving data from my Davis VP2
It took me a while to notice that the WD console was showing a very high barometer reading (1088mb)
Going through the console manual I’ve reset the barometer to what I think is correct and restarting WD, data is flowing again.
Question - What are possible causes of a very high baro readings?
Note that this is a wired system, so bad wireless reception is not the issue.

Update - After running for about 12 hours, the barometer reading is a flat line and the indoor temperature and humidity are also flat line. Time to reboot the system and hope that restores things back to normal.

I’m sure you’ll have checked but do the console batteries need to be replaced?

The barometer, indoor temperature and humidity are all inside the console so what is displayed on the console when WD flat lines are the iss reading still working
It’s looking like you console has issues

Batteries are ok, but as it is a cabled system it runs off mains anyway.

I didn’t realise that the barometer was inside the console. Makes sense I suppose as it’s not then subjected to the weather.

I removed the cables (to ISS and data logger) and batteries and mains power, then did a fresh restart. I didn’t need to re-enter, lat/long/altitude, just the time/date and “recalibrate” the pressure. Everything seems to have returned to normal.

I guess I’ll never know what caused the odd readings.

Gremlins. They’re the most common reason.