VP2 to WD to WD-API missing UV

Old topic but after switching from a Tempest to a new VP2 I am not getting UV readings on the dashboard. Every tile has been changed in easyweather and the solar is loading but not UV. All other sites I upload to are receiving the UV. I changed easyweather to “our station has both UV and solar”. And shut off use WeatherFlow. See https://branfordweather.com/pwsWD/PWS_listdata.php


You say UV is being uploaded to other sites but is it showing in WD? Because it definitely is not in the WDapi upload. . . :confused:

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It is showing in WD and uploading to WU and Aeris https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/KCTBRANF7

So maybe some kind of WDapi issue?

Well, your WDapi.txt (use PWS_module_test.php) has [39] => --

EDIT: what version of WD?

WD version 10.37S149

Did you check the settings in WD-API ?

There should b martk for both solar an uv in the WD-API setup.

Yes, both are checked. Tried undoing it, saving, then going back and checking them both - no luck. UV is actually at 0 now here.

If it’s zero #39 should be showing 0, not –

And the main solar switch is on?

There have been a lot of posts suggesting that recent versions of WD do not deal with solar very well, but I have seen no mention of UV. . .

If you are up for an experiment, try going back to 10.37S145 - you can get the download here:


Otherwise, you may have to e-mail Brian direct for API support: the pwsdashboard can’t display data it doesn’t receive.

I’ll have to email Brian, went back to the first 145 version last November, still nothing.

Can you not try uploading clientraw.txt instead of WDapi?

So I discovered the UV is coming up under 53 and not 39 according to the module test Module test PWS_Dashboard
Could this be the issue with the PWS dashboard?

I think you are confused.

I checked again and visited 20 of the
stations using the WD-Api

The lowest value is always #39 either a float, a zero or –
With the value in # 53 is either equal or higher then #39
Some stations have both values with zeroes
Some have 39 with – (no data) → which is handled as 0
Some have both with – (no data)
Sometimes a station has a -1 in # 53

I am not willing to check all 100+ stations which are / were using WD-api

For me it is clear that the original WD-api documentation is still valid.


I am very confused :slight_smile: Just trying to figure out why it’s not working!

The ultimate cause of this issue was my old WeatherFlow Station was still blocking the UV readings from the VP2. With Brian’s help I was able to edit the regedit files to get rid of the WeatherFlow references. WDapi now working!