VP2 Rain Gauge measurement has stopped working!

My VP2 rain gauge is tipping (I can hear it) but my VP2 & WD have not recorded any rain since late May, and we have had plenty. Any ideas on what to check first and which part on the VP2 is likely to need replacing? I have had the VP2 & WD working fine for over 10 years and I have not had this problem before. Could it be as simple as a new battery? I can’t remember the last time I replaced it, but I have no warning on the VP2 console. Thanks for any help.

It could be the battery. If you’re getting other data from the ISS, e.g. outdoor temp/hum then the battery is probably OK.

Another possibility is that the reed relay has gone faulty. That registers each tip. If you’ve got a multimeter you could test whether it’s stuck open or shut (which would stop tips registering). You can buy new tipping bucket assemblies if you need a replacement because the relay has broken.

I think you can get replacement reed switches, too?

You can but those are a little more difficult to source and fit.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll have a look at getting hold of a new tipping assembly, including the reed switch. All other data still appears fine, so it sounds like that’s the issue.

It seems my existing tipping assembly can only be replaced by a ‘tipping spoon’ assembly, which is used in all new VP2s. It is supposed to be more accurate. I’ll get it ordered and hope it fits easily!

I suspected that might be the case due to the age of your ISS. I’ve not seen any adverse comments about the tipping spoon and mine has been fine.

Ordered this morning, so I’ll know in a day or so. Thanks for your help.

I have a VP2 and a few days ago it was persisting down outside and I noticed I wasnt getting a rain reading ,when the rain eased I went and checked the setup and lucky for me I could get to the rainguage and discovered that the hole at the bottom was completely clogged with debris,once cleaned and washed out and reinstalled away it went . Sometimes it pays to check the basic things before replacing parts :slight_smile: