VP2 data to WU and CWOP

Hello. Hoping for a really quick response while the Davis Black Friday sale is still in effect…

Had a VP2 years ago and you attached this Serial dongle to the Console to get your data to your local network, and from there to Weather Display running on a PC on your LAN. Considering another VP2. Ideally, I don’t even want a console or Weather Display running on a PC to get my data to Wunderground and CWOP.

What is the easiest and cheapest route to get my VP2 data to WU and CWOP in real-time?

Thank you for your help.

A Weatherlink Live (WLL) box will upload your data to the Davis WeatherLink website. The WeatherLink site has configuration options to upload your data to Wunderground and CWOP.

I have a WLL box uploading to the WeatherLink site but have never used the onward upload options from the site so I don’t know how well they work.

So. Does the WeatherLink Console not also upload to the WeatherLink Cloud? Meaning. I believe the WeatherLink Console is connected via WiFi to the Internet; at least to update the Clock. Doesn’t it also send data to the WeatherLink Cloud?

I am asking because the WeatherLink Live is more expensive than buying the WP2 with the WeatherLink Console.

Yes, WLL uploads the data to WeatherLink cloud and WeatherLink cloud then sends the data on to WU and CWOP.

I don’t have a WeatherLink console and don’t know much about them. I think they upload data to WeatherLink cloud so can also probably send that data on to WU and CWOP (because that’s a function of the WeatherLink web site rather than the box sending the data to the cloud).

In the UK WL Console is about £50 more expensive than a WeatherLink Live box if bought separately. I wonder whether you can buy a VP2 without a console and then add a WLL box to save a bit of cash?

I would like mount the anemometer and rain gage on the roof, and the temp gage away from that. I know i would then need another transmitter for the temp gage. But will the temp gage separate from the rain gage?

I have the Davis WL console. From the Weatherlink site these are the options for sharing your data::

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Did you order a VP2 in the end?