Video frame summing

Hi Brian,

Here is a suggestion for being able to do video at night time with an ordinary web cam: frame summing.

Maybe I’m missing something, but…

  1. The single image seems to show the cloud better than the summed image
  2. The summed image shows the fixed items better

Also, wouldn’t the effect of summing 10 images taken in rapid succession be much the same as increasing the brightness/contrast of a single image.

I’m tired though, so I’m probably missing something significant #-o

These images did not make a good example: the cloud moved over the 10 minutes so it got blurred in the summing, and also 10 images is way too few.

You need to stack ~100-500 frames in quick succession. That way to get the dim features to stand out above the noise (averaging removes the noise), and so it is more than just turning up the brightness. It’s more like using a 100x slower shutter speed. Just like a camera, the more light, the better the low level image. In this case the additional light comes from adding together many shorter frames…