-ve for east of GMT?

What in the world does “-ve for east of GMT???” mean in the new Sun/ Moon setup form? What do I enter if my long is -86

My setting are the following

Lon 081:19:44
lat 028:30:30

They work for me.

it looks like we don’t use the -86 use 086:xxxx

Bob have you checked your accuracy? Even with the proper format my moon rise and set are off around 40 minutes, sunrise and sunset are within 1 min…

I did not look at moon that close.
The sun look is correct

my moon shows rise of 5:54 and set 17:19
Should be rise 7:38 set 18:25

Looks like your moon rise is off an hour and 44, the set isn’t off quite as much …mine is likewise only minus the hour difference. Looks like maybe a timezone/ daylight savings problem might be in there too?..another funny thing is even though the sunset is correct, it displays almost one hour too early on the main page graph…how about yours?

I don’t think mine is right either and I really don’t know what format to put in. Brian, just put what format datum we are supposed to enter on this page. It doesn’t like the format I put in. -ve, does that mean “Negative”?

My moon rise is off about an hour and a half according to the U.S. Naval observatory. I still want to know what -ve means?

is a short way of negative that is -.

That would be standard

if you live in the USA, you do not use a -ve /negative/ - number for

i am not sure why the moon is not correct when the sun is
the moon might be for the next day (i.e becuase you guys are a day behind ?)

i will add spin buttons so people can add the numbers add lots are having toruble
a tip:
click in the far left hand side of the input box to start entering the numbers needed (and it will jump over the : )

9.52c should now update the moon /sun info at 12:10 am auto

we could blame it on the Republicans? OK the whole congress. Seems that funding the war efforts are more important than replacing 21 year old space craft. So they must be responsible for time too.

kind of upset about all this tonight for some reason. I guess the memories of the Challenger has come back to haunt me again.

i have improved the method of entering the numbers in a new 9.52c, ready now
check it out

i am uploading 9.52 d now that should fix the being a day ahead problem (hopefully)