Vantage Vue suffering RFI


M0CIP here, I was wondering if any other hams had experienced RFI with their Davis weather station?

I have had my Vue for a few weeks and I find that if I transmit on 20m with only 20-50w of RF, it causes the wind reading to give stupid values in excess of 70-80mph when the wind is only blowing at 10mph.

I am interested to see if anyone else has suffered from this?

It isn’t a major problem to me but I am curious if their is a solution.

My Vue station never had any issues with interference. I keep the antenna at least 20’ away and I use up to 600 watts on the bands. Can you put more separation between the Vue and your antenna and/or coax? How close is the Vue console to your radio?

Hi, I don’t have any problems with my Davis Vantage pro (wireless), my inverted “L” goes right over the top of the rain/temp gauge & the control panel is in the shack.

teal 73.

After further testing I think it is the Integrated Sensor Suite that is suffering from break through. At the weekend I am going to move it to a different location in the garden. It only occurs on 20m if I use more than 30w with PSK.

I will see if the location change makes a difference and report back.

I had RFI problems when I first setup my station, (not a Davis) how I solved the problem was to use some ferrite snap on beads like the ones shown, I put several on all long data wires, solved the problem.

You might need to try Amazon at your location to see if they carry them.

I have temporarily moved the station to another location in my garden away from the antennas and that seems to have done the trick.