Vaisala WXT536 Rain not showing in WD

Hi Folks
I have a Vaisala WXT536 installed with an RS232 output. It would appear that whilst the data is recognised, it is not being recorded by WD. We have had about 12mm of rain this morning and nothing showing…
Have I missed a setting somewhere?

Me concernant, je n’ai aucun problème avec ma Vaisala. Il faudrait envoyer vos fichier *.ini et *.reg à Brian afin qu’il regarde.

Merci pour ta réponse Serge, je vais le faire. Intéressant de noter que votre système semble fonctionner…

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@windy2 - I have managed to grab the debug data from the sensor and looks like it is receiving the rain data, just not recording it… Any thoughts what I have done wrong?



the problem is WD is looking for Rc= but for your data its Ri=
use a new .zip of WD and it should work now

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Wow! Thanks Brian! I will DL now and let you know…


Hmmm, I think I need to take another look! I know we did not have 16in of rain overnight!


OK so it looks like the head unit is not sending Rc which is rather annoying. I will need to find out how to make a service cable so that I can reprogram the unit as it would appear that Rc has been excluded from the output.

I am not that proficient with RS232 to send commands up to the unit to switch this back on…

Thank you for your help.

Do you have the explanatory book for this station? I’ve programmed, that’s why I don’t have any worries.

Avez-vous le livre explicatif de cette station ? J’ai programmé, voilà pourquoi je n’ai aucun souci.

bonjour, j’ai le manuel du WXT536 et j’essaie de le joindre ici.
Meilleurs vœux
Jon (3.2 MB)

All, I have at last figured out what was happening. The Unit itself was not sending the Rc data. This along with many other items was switched off in the config. After downloading realterm, I was able to make sense of the manual and switch the Rc back on.

When you need to remember your RS232 basic’s, it eventually comes…!

Here’s a good thing.