Vaisala WXT520 and Weather Display

Hi all…

I look to buy a new Vaisala WXT520 station:

I know WD supports the old WXT510, but this one has a new USB connection. Would it be possible to connect to WD via USB?

Thanks !!

I suspect that it will still be serial in the end, i,e a USB to serial…(with a driver that would need to be installed) but maybe you could find out about that?
(and I could ask a contact I have too if you cant find out…)

An interesting weather station. I’ve looked at it a couple times as a possible mobile weather station (Truck mounted that is stored when moving). I can hear my wife… you want to put what where? How much did that cost?? How much?!! Can’t you just stick your finger out the window…

For use around here as a stationary station, one of the draw backs is that the wind sensor is integrated. Would almost definitely would require a second wind sensor as the optimal location for temp etc is not a very good spot for wind detection.

This station seem to have multiple connection options, from standard RS232 to USB, RS485, RS422… and ASCII, NMEA0183 or SDI-12 protocols. All I can find is the user manual. Chapter 6, page 55:

Yes, you’re right. But you have instead a compact 6-in-1, almost zero maintenance weather station.

And a lot more detail about the precipitation than any other device, and very quick cycles for info. Used in remote locations a lot combined with solar/battery powers supply and a PLC and VHF radio network.

Everytime I look at that station I think it looks fragile. I wanted one for the RV but the cost is…well…about 4 or 5 Davis vp2+'s…way out of my hobby expense account limit :slight_smile:

A long time ago someone on here was able to find out how much the replacement items cost and what Vaisala recommended for annual maintenance. IIRC it is a very expensive station to maintain…