Uvsolarlux_popup question

With my new PWS I now get solar readings, so I have been looking at the popup in detail for the first time.

I was puzzled by the description of Solar Radiation ($strng10) as, e.g., “Good and Sustainable” ($strng12) while Solar Energy Replenishment ($strng20) was described as “Moderate to Good” ($strng22).

Surely these descriptions should be swapped?

If so, I think this this is most easily done by swapping $txt1 and $txt2 in lines 248-50:

echo '<p style="font-size: 12px;" >'.$strng10
        .'<br /><span style="color: '.$clr_lux.'">'.$txt1.'</span><br /><br />'
        .$strng20.'<br /><span style="color: '.$color.'">'.$txt2.'</span></p>';

EDIT: Don’t look at my site popup, I don’t use Solar Energy Replenishment :wink:

For Solar “Radiation” the levels are

$strng11= lang('Excellent and Sustainable');    # Which is the best/highest
$strng12= lang('Good and Sustainable');         # not the best but still good
$strng13= lang('Moderate ');                    # not as good
$strng14= lang('Poor ');                        # the "worst" 

For Solar “Energy Replenishment” the levels are

$strng21= lang('Good to Excellent');
$strng22= lang('Moderate to Good');
$strng23= lang('Low to Moderate');
$strng24= lang('Low ');
$strng25= lang('Poor ');
$strng26= lang('None ');

Both sets go from the “best/highest” to the “poorest/lowest”

So I have no idea what is wrong with those scale-descriptions.
Or what descriptions to swap.


IMHO you can not describe Solar Radiation in W/m² as “Sustainable”: it is just a number.

You could describe Solar Energy Replenishment (no units) as “Sustainable” - “Renewable energy is energy derived from natural sources that are replenished at a higher rate than they are consumed”.

English is not my native language. So I did not "invent " those descriptions nor the levels.

I will have to find the source of the descriptions and levels used.
But it is a long time ago that that script was “re-written”

First I go on vacation from next Friday for 12 days. Sailing on the Danube from Giurgiu (Bulgaria) to Passau (Germany). No computer, just a phone and tablet.


Sorry, Wim, I am just puzzled about the descriptions :confused:

You inherited them: I found them in your first edition, version 1901 :slightly_smiling_face:

But don’t worry, I will not be using them.

Enjoy your holiday :grinning:

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