Using wd on 2 computers


I couldnt find any search details on this one, though i am sure it would have been asked before:

Can I use wd on 2 computers each collecting data from the same wm918 console??

What do I do , get some sort of piggy back 9 pin cable that allows me to connect in another 9 pin cable 7 then run that to another machine or can I do it over my LAN???

thanks for any help.

Buried in the Linux thread

Acc to Brian it only works well with some stations, the schematic lists wm918 so you may be in luck.

There have also been a number of threads recently about sharing data over a network so that may be an option depending on just what you are trying to do.

what if you ran the tcp/ip serrver on one that is connected to the station, then client on the other end, data will appear on both machines… and both will update.

thanks guys,

I’ll try splitting the signal as per diagram

lemme know how that works out!