Using Openweather for my "Current Sky" reports temp in °C only

Using Openweather for my “Current Sky” reports temp in °C only.

Using Openweather for this setting in ApiKeys : “Darksky and alternatives after March 31, 2023”

Changing “API UNITS used” seems to have no effect and will not report °F.

I looked at the openweather call at PWS_Dark_Openweather.php, but I can’t see the problem.

Hi Tlowe,
Sorry for the delay inanswering.
I was on a vacation with only an iphone to use.

I checked your site and it now shows correct data as you switched to WU for forecasst data.

I will do some tests later this week with “Openweather” with default “US” settings.


Hi Towe,

Thanks for bringing this omission to my attention.
The current 2012_lts version did not inherit all updates after beta-testing.

Attached a new version which should correct this “default temp = C” problem.

Best regards,

Wim (5.0 KB)

Thanks, much appreciated!