Using downloaded webcam pictures for allday video

I have a network cam that uploads pictures directly to the web site. Is there a way to http download those pictures and timestamp them so they can be used to make an allday video?

use the HTTP download in WD…and set the username and password too

and then use the 3rd party web cam setup to put a time stamp on the source file
and then select the output file from the 3rd party web cam setup as the web cam file to use in control panel, web cam setup

there is a FAQ on this

Thanks for the info. Looked at the FAQ but didn’t see anything about time stamped files. Couldn’t find anything about time stamped files in WD. Maybe not looking in the right place or maybe just just this has been a difficult holiday for me and I just can’t concentrate right now. Will have a good at it again later. Thanks for the help.

time stamped files is under control panel, web cam setup, then the tab time stamped files (or something very similar to that)