Use of 'Heavy Weather' with WD

I have, after using Fetch3600 for a while, reverted to a trial of Heavy Weather. The advantage of using Heavy Weather is the ability of WD to collect wind gust data. So far I have found the ‘con’ of using Heavy Weather is that it seems to randomly insert false rain readings, readings which do not appear on the La Crosse console. I can live with that.

Over the last couple of days I have also come across an additional problem, one which could well be HW related but might be a WD hiccup. Rather than direct my question to Windy I thought it best to broadcast a general question.

For reasons unknown to me the HW program (even though it is supposed to interrogate the console on a regular, short term (read 5 to 8 seconds), basis) often does not update the history.dat file for some minutes - the longest I have observed was 8 minutes. When this occurs it seems as though WD ignores all but the last history.dat file record.

This is not a world ending problem, but it’s a right proper nuisance; wind gusts are missed, and therefore not graphed, temperature readings are not correctly recorded (the max. temp the other day was incorrectly noted, though only by 0.2

Another question along the same lines. This one though might need Windy’s input.

Yesterday, for reasons unknown to me, W.D. stopped collecting data from the history.dat file for a couple of hours and then, without prompting from me (I wasn’t aware it had happened) reverted to normal services. The graphs of course flat-lined.

The history.dat file is, as best as I can tell, complete and accurate. The W.D. log file for yesterday has the appropriate time stamps, but the information is ‘frozen’ for the period in question. I have done the ‘recreate last 30 days’ and then the ‘convert to graph’ routine without success.

So: My question is - is it possible to force WD to rebuild its log from the history.dat file?

it sounds like you are running both at the same time? - i never managed to get them to work like that properly, same problems as you, but if i just ran HW it was ok.
All i do now is run WD, i get the programme to record daily graphs i don’t need HW. you can get all info in WD.

Unlike the 2350, tugmistress, the 3600 can indeed work with Heavy Weather. Please note my original posting (up there ^). It can also hold around and about 1700 records but, unlike the 2350, only updates every 32/128 seconds - a source of annoyance to me - and not at 8 second intervals (I wish). That said I have watched in amazement as my console did just that (update each 8 seconds, I mean) although I have no idea at all as to why! According to the manual the change from 128 second sampling to the 32 second mode is triggered by winds of 10+ Km/h being sensed.