Upload data via HTTP using WD

Hi everyone.

I’m new with WD and there are a lot of settings and I am a little stunned.

I am creating my own website and I want to get the data from WD via HTTP instead of FTP. With windows I was able to send via “Network” section a custom upload with custom tags to my website , but I want to do the same but with the Linux WD. There is other method to do this? Sorry if this question is asked before, but I was 30 minutes searching and I don’t see anything. Thanks in advance.

when you say linux
do you mean you are using the linux version of WD?

Yes, sorry if i was not clear. I want to know if there is any option to upload via http get with custom tags to an url.


Edit: When I say Linux WD I mean the console version too.

yes, you can set to do a custom http get
see in the webfiles/web page setup, custom web page setup, in WD