Upgrade to v10.37R Build 20 (3/13/2012) won't receive data from Davis logger

I upgraded to v10.37R Build 20 (3/13/2012) tonight and after rebooting the computer (Windows 7 Ultimate edition) and relaunching Weather Display, no new data is received. Data Quality is red and Data Received is blank with no increasing count. I restarted again, same issue. I went to WD Control Panel and switched from COM 3 to COM 4, applied it, then switched it back to COM 3. That made no difference.

Each time Weather Display starts, the Davis data retrieval dialog box appears to capture the data recorded while WD was offline; it finishes; no new data arrives.

I finally reinstalled the older version I was previously running (Weather Display full install 10.37R-Build 17 03-03-2012), launched and everything is fine. Is anyone else running into problems with the latest build?

what shows under view, WS2010/WS2500 data setup?
also any errors under view, program event log?