Updated version: tabbed popups for forecast (with graphs)

As PHP 8.2 is more widely used, I was reminded to clean and re-test the “graphical” forecast pop-ups

Those scripts are not in the standard download, they are an alternative version.

To do.
Select the extra scripts for the forecast you use or the one you will test.
Be aware the PWS_Dashboard supports 1 (= one) forecast block

Copy the script(s) to your pwsWD (or whatever name you use) folder

Test the script in your borwser, f.i. ./pwsWD/_test.php?test=fct_yrno_popup2.php

It should work correctly within an up-to-date 2012_lts version.
Most older 2012_lts version should work also

After you decided to use the new script(s)

Rename the current popup script so that it can be used later if you decide to go back
F.i. YrNo popup current version is named fct_yrno_popup.php
Use your FTP program to ename it to zz_fct_yrno_popup.php

Then rename the new script on your website from fct_yrno_popup2.php to fct_yrno_popup.php
Only rename the main popup script. Leave as is the shared2 and convert2 ( if you used those).

Have fun,

Attachment removed, for HighCharts 11.3 version scroll down

For a few days the 2012_lts demo website will use it.

Hello WIM,
Thank you for this beautiful version of forecasts which works perfectly on my site:

Does the Graphs version exist like on the new version
attached photo
Thank you again for your work which allows us to have a very beautiful and complete site


Many thanks - works perfectly

Thank you very much Wim!
It works perfect!

The latest HighCharts release (11.3.0) is a lot more picky. I had to adept the 5 graphical forecast scripts

Attached updated zip with the graphical forecast scripts.

fct_grphs.zip (107.8 KB)

The current PWS_Dashboard supports 1 forecast block.
The readme explains how to replace the pop-up with a more extensive one.
Especially interesting for WXSIM users as one can use the lastret.txt or latest.csv data set.

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