unable to update WD

I have WD running again but it frequently crashes and possibly causes Windows to crash as well. When restarting most of the WD settings are gone (station type, barometer offset, Wunderground station ID, Rapid Fire turned off, etc) and I must re-enter everything. Today I decided to update to the latest WD version (10.37S build 124) but during the install I receive the following error message: C:\wdisplay\LAME_ENC.DLL Delete File failed; code 5 Access Denied.

Any thoughts?

that error usually means WD was still running (or one of the associated programs)
what windows version?
if windows 10 then make sure to set WD to run as administrator

Also, if you start WD and all the settings have gone then there is a process to retrieve the settings without having to put them all back in manually.

See this thread in the FAQ section: http://discourse.weather-watch.com/t/55294

I am running windows 10. Where do I go to set WD to run as administrator? Thnx.

Right-click on the file weatherdisplay.exe, select Properties, Compatibility tab.

Or right-click on the WD desktop icon, select Properties, go to Advanced.