Unable to show cumulus/ecowitt extra sensors


I’m trying to use the extra sensors in pwsWD. I can get the basic set but I’m not pointing my ecowitt to it - I’m using cumulusmx with cumulusutils - maybe I’m missing something but has anyone done this and had PWS fully working? I know the webcam is not working - cutils uses the api and shows the image but the next image has a different name so when that changes the pwswd image becomes invalid.

A semi professional weather station in Stewarton, Scotland. Home Weather Station (cumulus version) (stewartonweather.com)

Hi Nossie,

First, welcome to the forum.
When you posted I was on vacation with a smart-phone as the only device.
Sorry for the delay in answering.

Use extra Cumulus sensors in pwsWD
The PWS_Dashboard startpage has links to the file to use and to a short description
Description: https://pwsdashboard.com/documentation2012/36_extra_sensors.pdf

You can download the file for cumulus to use from https://pwsdashboard.com/extra_sensors-20201221.zip

Use extra Ecowitt sensors in pwsWD
I assume your Cumulus program is accessing the ecowitt directly via that LAN.
You can instruct your ecowitt device to do a custom upload directly to your website.
That way you can use a far larger set of sensors as with the “old” cumulus realtime.txt

How to set the link to the camera image.
I checked your website and it seems the file https://stewartonweather.com/meteocamrealtime.txt
contains the most recent link to your webcam image.
If that assumption is correct I have to adept the scripts to use that “hidden” link.
Will take some testing but AFAICS it can be done.


Also you are using OpenWeatherMap as a “DarkSky”-replacement.

Last weeks the All-inOne 2.5 version was replaced with the 3.0 version
You should have gotten an email for that from OW.

Now adept line 38 of the script PWS_Dark_Openweather.php from

$owm_version    = '2.5';


$owm_version    = '3.0';

Today I put an updated version of the script on-line at https://pwsdashboard.com/upd.php
Better use that version.

Also make sure that you have a “paid for” API key for the All-in-One version.
If you only use the API-key for the forecast, the monthly invoice-amount is 0.


Hi Wim, thank you for the response - don’t worry about the delay I’m just grateful you did.

I misunderstood the difference between using Ecowitt directly, cumulusmx and cumulus utils.

That way you can use a far larger set of sensors as with the “old” cumulus realtime.txt

I’m not sure how up to date you are with CMX but I believe most of those readings are now being processed internally now - using Utils it muddys things but there has been a huge amount of changes in the last 6 months or so.

I have multiple spouts for home assistant, influxdb and all sorts storing data - so pointing it directly at the remote web server is not in my interests and for most other things there is the ecowitt api or MQTT.

I have however got extra_cu.txt working, now I think a few of the tags have changed over the years and I still need to change the labels but that has put me in the right direction - thank you again.

the webcam image is being handshake through the ecowitt api to cumulusmx - cumulusutils is then picking it up and putting it into that script, it works out the box pretty well - but it only works currently with the Ecowitt HP10 camera.

I’m guessing quite a few Ecowitt users will have the Ecowitt camera though - so if it’s not too much of a trouble I’d love that feature added.

Oh yeah, :-/ in regard to the openweathermap changes - I’m not even going to encourage them with that, next step will be me not providing them with any data - thanks though.

hmmmm that’s awkward, extra temp sensors temperature and humidity are switched around.

Hi Nossie,

Yes there are numerous HP10 owners also using the PWS_dashboard webcam features.
It depends on the quality of the weather-program how easy it is.

As an example: The PWS_Dashboard demo website shows my own HP10.
i use a Meteobridge weather-program which delivers an easy to use direct link.
It can also add weather-values a.s.o. to the weather image so one can use that in other non-weather web-pages also.
Other weather programs can also put the dynamic link in a weather-variable which one can use directly.

For your setup, I add a zip to this post to replace two scripts.
The webcam-block script will solve the deeplink by using the file-contents as the URL.
The image-pop-up script is adapted also.
I attached a screenshot of the adapted block and pop-up.

Important: make a backup-copy of the scripts before uploading the new scripts to your website.


deeplink.zip (6.0 KB)

Seems to be a serious “translation-error” from tag to value.
Never complaints before from other Cumulus users.

To really check, please remove the unused “extra sensor”-links from your easyweather settings.

Debug dashboard
→ Button “Live data values”
------> scroll down to “loaded from”

    [loaded_from] => /home/stewartonweather/public_html/pwsWD/../realtime.txt
invalid ecowitt-file

If you need help, sent a PM or mail with your “easyweather setup” password so I can check that.

The Cumulus-tags from the extra sensor file


So the tags are in the wrong places.
Check the values from the uploaded extra_cu.txt file.


Just adept the extra sensor file. I will update the download shortly.

Cumulus gives a HP10 direct link via the tag <#EcowittCameraUrl>

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THANK you.

I added that link to the extra sensors upload and replaced the down-load zip.


That tag will replace the $mywebcamimg contents form the settings.
Now a Cumulus+PWS_dashboard user can use that direct link.

Best regards,

Mark, thank you for responding - you really do have eyes everywhere :eyes:

I’m working at the moment but will make the changes later - thank you

When using an extra-sensors upload you should comment the lines you do not need.
F.i. add a # at the first position of the extra temp/hum/7/8 lines
Those lines with a # at the first are skipped by the livedata script

Did you already test the webcam link?
Add it at the bottom of the file as processed by Cumulus.
Only the available sensors are displayed in the blocks.

I got your mail today, but I do not see any problems.