UI-View32 weather info file

Is there a way to get Weather Display to write the text file that UI-View uses for its weather info?

Can you post the file format?

From the UI-View help file
Weather Data Format
Here, between the two lines of ''s is the format of the file your wx software needs to create (the lines of ''s are not part of the file).

Jun 01 2003 08:07

272 - wind direction - 272 degrees
010 - wind speed - 10 mph

g015 - wind gust - 15 mph
t069 - temperature - 69 degrees F
r010 - rain in last hour in hundredths of an inch - 0.1 inches
p030 - rain in last 24 hours in hundredths of an inch - 0.3 inches
P020 - rain since midnight in hundredths of an inch - 0.2 inches
h61 - humidity 61% (00 = 100%)
b10153 - barometric pressure in tenths of a millibar - 1015.3 millibars

The first line is the time the file was created in local PC time. Please note that the day of the month, the hour and the minute must be padded to two digits with zeros if needed, so this would be wrong - Jun 1 2003 8:7.

The second line is the wx report, in the format used in APRS “complete weather reports”.

Not all the values need to be sent, but you should at least include wind direction, windspeed, wind gust and temperature. If any of them are not available, then replace the value with three dots - “…”

If humidity and temperature are included, then a UI-View32 system receiving the beacon will also calculate and display dew point temperature. If temperature and wind speed are included, then a UI-View system receiving it will also calculate and display wind chill temperature.

See this thread from some years ago. WD could do this, but I don’t know if it’s still in the latest version, I would guess it is.

Thanks for the help

What I’ve been doing for quite a few years has been working fine, between UI-View and WD. In Weather Display, use the Setup tab. Find the option, “Create APRS File (WXNOW.TXT)”. Choose a location that you will later use with UI-view; I happen to store this text file on a spare (read: too small for much else) thumb drive so that my hard drive can go to sleep during inactivity.

Next, go to UI-View and go to the weather station setup screen. It will ask for a file location. Enter the file location you set up in the above step.

That’s it. You can even have your weather station on one computer (family room) on a LAN, and UI-View elsewhere (radio shack), and have WD either store the wxnow.txt file on the radio room computer OR have the radio room computer go to the other & find it. It’s just a file.

Off topic: One can do the same thing with a web cam capture file: store it where you want, and, have WD go fetch it for periodic upload to Wunderground, etc.