TZ Issue Wiki!

Ok here is something new i found out tonight. My website was showing on all the pages that pull data 1 hr ahead of the correct time. after spending over an hour on the phone with support at the hosting provider, and knowing it was not a script issue. i was going nuts.
Then i came here to post about it trying to figure out where the issue was.
After doing the post i figured i would pcanywhere into my server sitting here beside me and load the webpage there to see if i seen the same issue, and low and behold the server clock somehow was 1 hr ahead. after setting the correct time on the server here at home. i went back to the other window to look at the pages and they where correct.

Lesson learned:
If any of the template pages that have data displayed as in temp’s or anything from the clientraw file, When the page pulls the data the timestamp is in the clientraw file, so the TZ does not play an issue when a page is pulling that data.

So always first check where you clientraw file is being created and make sure that the system clock is correct or your website will reflect the timestamp that is placed into the clientraw files.