Total Failure [RESOLVED]

About 30 minutes ago I noticed that the temperature on my website was not current so I stopped WD, deleted the repetetive data and restarted WD. Nothing happened. I then restarted the PC and started WD and nothing happened. The datalogger was on the screen for about five minutes before I aborted the mission. See picture.There’s not any “weather” happening so the only thing showing any great change is the anemometer and the temperature and they seem to be working. Where should I start to look for what may be the problem?

There’s an “X” in the lower right of the console which indicates that it is transmitting.

“Data received 0” = WD has lost contact with the logger. First checks would be the physical connection and whether any other program might have hijacked the com port.

Yes it’s all connected up. Still nothing is happening. WeatherLink won’t connect and neither will Cumulus. The com port is installed, working properly and there are no conflicts.

Sounds like what happened with the flatline you had the other day :frowning:

That’s a definite possibility but what could have happened?

power down the console and remove the data logger,then wait a period of time before re inserting it
then re power up the console, and then set the console receiving data and then set the time/date and data logging interval via the software
if its a usb data logger then make sure it has not been set to USBexpress mode

Hi Brian…I have that very statement that you made also to someone else in my notes. I will give it a shot. Thanks for the reply :smiley:

All done…everything working now. It was the datalogger. I am guilty of having several CPU hogs running at one time and wonder if that is somehow connected to the dataloger failure. Is it possible that if the datlogger cannot communicate its data because it doesn’t have enough resources that it just gives up?