Today in Weather History Script

New “Today in Weather History” script now available.

Version 3 is now available. This version uses an alternative source if in primary source fails. Additionally, this version has a lot of easy features for implementation.

The full daily history page can be seen in action at
The random daily history can be seen in action at the bottom of the dashboard at

The files are available at




Insert the following where you want the history to appear:

Upload content in zip file and create/upload a blank file called wxDailyHistoryCache.php (this will hold the cache data on a daily basis)

Use Example for Full History: <?php include("include-dailyhistory.php"); print $fullHistory; ?>

Use Example for Random History (Use on dashboard or mainpage): <?php include("include-dailyhistory.php"); print $randomHistory; ?>

After intial installation, it may be necessary to force an update of the cache file as it only populates once a day.
Examples: or

Thanks for the fix Michael.


Good Here Thanks


Thanks! :smiley:

It worked yesterday, then went south today.

Thanks for the quick fix! :smiley:

Thanks for the quick fix.


Now if only someone would make a UK or Europe version …

Nothing else about an Europe version?

Hey guys, this script depends on the nice folks at the U.S. website publishing and making the data freely available for use by third party websites. If you can find or create a European site which not only has the data, but also allows others to use it for free, then maybe some kind person like Michael will create a script to use it.

Well…that should be a fantastic idea, have this page for US at my site but that’s not relevant for Europe of course
Here is a good one maybe as base fore a (the) script.

Use of terms from WeatherOnline Ltd are as this:

Any and all proprietary rights in the Data, the Services and the Reports are subject to copyright protection. You will not acquire nor will you attempt to register any Intellectual Property Rights in the Data and/or Reports. You may view, print and use the Data and/or Reports we provide solely for the permitted use but any other proposed use of the Data and/or Reports is subject to a copyright licence available from us. In particular, but without limitation, you agree not, to copy, reproduce, display, promote or licence the Data and/or Reports or any part of them to any third party, whether for profit or otherwise, without our prior written consent. II. "WeatherOnline" and its logo(s) are registered trade marks of WeatherOnline Ltd. You do not have the right to use or reproduce our logo(s) without our prior written authorisation.
as found here [](

What means for me (sorry if I’m wrong and interpretere this false as because of my non-knowledge of English in this 8) ) to mention the copyright of this and the site were the data is from; ‘could’ be enough to publish for non commercial use.

But maybe as at ‘meteo alarm’ script of Ken it’s wise to ask for permit in a script.

I can’t find the page with the same type of historical information on that site, can you post a direct link?

Did not work ? 8O

This is from 26 of may 2007 (first data archive)

a menu at middle/right hand above is archive; under there is the forecast and topics of that day


It appears that the page in which you are referring is historical weather summaries for a specific day. The today is weather history script is for “significant” weather events.


Yes Michael and a search with "significant weather events history today Europe -America -Australia’’ in google served me 44.200.000 hits within noaa usatoday etc #-o :roll:

maybe other interested people have some good hints ?

While the script “works” as is, Rick of provided a snippet of code that proves to be a bit more robust when parsing for the history. Some of the history was getting truncated in certain situations. Thanks Rick! :slight_smile:

You can download the latest version at the link in the first post.


This script stopped working for me today, but it looks like it is fine for others. Any ideas why? Error message is at the bottom of this page: and this page is blank: is broken too. Did you update to the final final version mentioned at the end of ?

I am using v2.0 and the latest is v2.1 dated 5/29. However it was working fine until yesterday.

Mine updates fine, but… Something has messed up the footer part of the page. It wasnt like that before.

Hmmm. Maybe it is something in the way the data is being received. And maybe it will fix it’s self tomorrow. :wink: