Time Stamped Files Not Being Created - No Instructions for Version Changes

Was previously running V37.10Q B34 as it had solved some La Crosse startup problems. I now have Build 42 and I see other folks having problems with no Time Stamped files created, no movies created and errors in the system.

What do we now have to do differently? I have searched and not found any directives for changing our long term setups for timestamped file creation - which have been fine for a long time - but now not working. Budgie asked the question but I can’t find it or the answer now. My images below of setups I have had for three years or more but now no longer work.

Where is there a new FAQ for fixing this?



there is another thread about this

the problem is, the setup was wrong
there was 2 time stamped file settings
you have them both set to use 2 different file names (webcamimage.jpg and jpgwebcam.jpg (which is now the default name (which is part of the reason for the change))
(ie if you had them both set to the same file name, then it would work OK (i.e the all day video setup set to webcamimage.jpg instead of jpgwebcam.jpg)
now the settings need to be the same (i.e set to the file name the wdwebcamcapture.exe is producing)